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For WVI customers with e-mail addresses:

            Willamette Valley Internet Spam/Firewall Changes

November 15, 2010

Dear WVI Internet Customer,

Starting on November 17, 2010, your WVI email account will be protected by Red Condor spam and virus filtering. This system will be replacing the Postini Spam Filtering system currently in place.  Email sent to you will be automatically filtered before it arrives in your inbox and the spam will be stored in an online quarantine. You can safely view your quarantine anytime you like without risk from fraudulent and dangerous email.

What to expect from your new spam filtering service:

  1. You will be emailed a Spam Digest that includes the suspect email in your personal quarantine. Only suspect email that has arrived since the previous Digest is included in each new Spam Digest. Stayton will have the Spam Digest delivered daily to your inbox.
  2. Review the contents of the Spam Digest. If you see a message you want, simply click the Release button to send it to your email inbox. There is no need to delete the unwanted email you see in your Spam Digest as it automatically removes itself after a set amount of time.
  3. You can adjust your personal email filter settings or search your quarantine by visiting your Personal Dashboard. A link is provided in each Spam Digest that will take you to the Personal Dashboard.

Red Condor is a next generation email security system that eliminates unwanted email without the need to continuously monitor and adjust spam filters. With no intervention from you, your spam problem simply disappears.

For those who use the existing CWMail system for email, we will be changing that system to a new, improved system called Zimbra on December 1, 2010.  Zimbra looks quite similar to Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird and is much easier to navigate than CW Mail.  Zimbra also has many more helpful features that will make receiving, sending and storing emails easy.  To learn more about Red Condor and Zimbra we have developed a comprehensive webpage with instructions and tutorial videos. Please visit Please let us know if you have any comments at 503-769-3331.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

Willamette Valley Internet

Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company

Peoples Telephone Co


For Navicom, Adweb and Domain hosting customers (anyone without at the end of their e-mail address):

WVI Barracuda Spam Firewall

For our customers with @adweb, @navicom and domain hosted e-mail addresses, WVI offers the WVI Barracuda Spam Firewall. E-mail destined for WVI is routed through the Barracuda first in order to scan for both viruses and spam. E-mail is filtered through a series of sophisticated filters and checked against lists of systems that shoudld not be sending e-mail.

Additionally, the Barracuda includes a personally trainable filter that allows you to specify what e-mail is spam - and what isn't. Spam is "scored" by these filters and whether the e-mail is delivered, tagged as possible spam, quarantined, or outright blocked is determined by the score. You can adjust the scores that these events occur on in your Barracuda account settings. Both whitelisting (do not scan) and blacklisting (always block) is available for you to add addresses to as required.

Your Barracuda account is generally automatically set up when the first e-mail it evaluates as spam is received by it. If this does not happen, or if you believe that you are not receiving mail you should, please check with Jeff at WVI Customer Service/Tech Support to see if we need to manually add your account.

While you have spam that has been quarantined by the Barracuda, you should receive a once daily e-mail reminding you to check your Barracuda account to insure that no valid e-mails have been stopped. While you can select the quarantined e-mails directly from that e-mail, it's reccommended that you instead use the link near the bottom of the e-mail to go directly to your quarantine inbox instead.

The Barracuda Spam Firewall DOES NOT remove the need for you to maintain anti-virus software on your computer. E-mail is not the only way to get infected, so you need to also use products such as those which can be found under Security Software on our Customer Care Links page.

Spam that makes it through Postini can be forwarded to so it can be evaluated for future inclusion in their filters. Doing this _does not_ mean you will not receive that, or similar spam e-mail again.

Either Postini or the Barracuda Anti-Spam Firewall are free with your account with WVI.

The WVI Barracuda Spam Firewall is your personal area where potential junk and virus-infected email is held. The WVI Barracuda Spam Firewall is also a starting point for you to configure spam filters and the settings of other email applications.

For detailed instructions on setting up and using the WVI/Barracuda Spam Firewall, Download the PDF here.

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