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E-MAIL - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page contains answers to some of the common questions asked by users of the WVI system about E-MAIL.

  1. How do I check my e-mail when I'm away from home?

    Use our Webmail feature. Retrieve you email when you are traveling or at work. Go to WVI's Webmail site. This will let you read your email via a web page on our server, all you need is Internet Access and a web browser.

    The first time you login, it will take to a configure screen. You may want to uncheck the Delete option at the bottom, other wise it will remove the mail from the server and you will not be able to download your mail later in your e-mail program. If you wish to use the Webmail exclusively, then leave it checked to delete mail from the server. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

  2. What is an SMTP server and what do I enter when asked?

    SMTP stands for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" and it refers to the part of the system that sends mail out to other systems over the net. When asked this during mail setup you will input

  3. What is the "POP or POP3" server and what do I enter when asked?

    POP stands for "Post Office Protocol" and is the part of the system that receives incoming mail and moves it into your proper mailbox. At WVI, our SMTP and POP3 servers are the same, you'll input

  4. In the Microsoft Internet Mail for Windows 3.x do I have to enter my name and password every time that I go in?

    On some systems this can be disabled by choosing the Mail menu and selecting Skip Logon. If you are accessing more than one e-mail account on this computer then you won't want to disable this.

  5. How do I find someone's email address?

    There are several search services that may help you to find someone's email address, but remember that, like phone numbers, some people may not want their address listed. You can try starting with the following sites:

  6. I just installed Microsoft Office 97 and now when I choose "Read Mail" within the Internet Explorer it takes me to Microsoft Outlook instead of Internet Mail ?

    In the Internet Explorer click on the "View" menu and choose "Options". Select the "Program" tab, choose "Internet Mail" from the pull down list in the box next to "Mail:".

  7. I'm having a problem when I click to check my e-mail. What do I do?

    1. Dial In
      Dial In to our service using your username and password

      Make sure your caps lock key is not on. Make sure your username does not have any @ sign or on the end. Try re-entering your password as all one word. If the authentication message box asks you for a domain name type in

      I recommend creating a shortcut on your desktop just for dialing in and always start your Internet session with this.

      Once you are online...

    2. Then try to check you e-mail.
      I recommend that you do NOT try to check you e-mail until you are online. Because e-mail programs are designed to check mail and then hang up the Internet connection. This makes trouble shooting the problem very difficult.

      Where most people run into a problem is that they try to start their Internet connection by checking their e-mail. They get confused about the two step process. When the connect to (dial in) window pops up, it is common for people to put their e-mail address and password in the login box. Then you cannot authenticate (get on the Internet) Then the e-mail program gives an error that it could not connect to the mail server. And it is possible that you may get the e-mail login window popping up in the middle of this mess causing more confusion.

      Remember that even though Windows 95/98 makes the Internet just one click away, there is still two steps to the process.
      (1) Dial in THEN (2) e-mail or surf with the browser.

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