Version 4U:

11-28-01 Version 4U is a release to correct a problem that developed in the Random Spot-PSA Rotation file while developing Versions R, S. & T. We accidentally caused the Spot PSA rotation file to become disabled when the Scheduled Stop-Set Playback option is selected in the random playback defaults. It is supposed to be able to play both Spot/PSA rotation file -and- Scheduled Stop-Set simultaneously. We believe this has been corrected.

4U also attempts to fix a problem in Random Playback Mode where an error occurs when attempting to play an Auto-Time file (>TIME< in the break line-up). The error occurs when there is no TIME file recorded for that minute. The condition has not occured on our equipment, but we re-designed the error-trapping mechanism to accomodate other situations.

This version also fixes some minor cosmetic issues.

We are still having some issues with the 'Time Remaining' in Pick-List playback (see remaining bugs in Version 4T section below).

Version 4T:
There have been substantial internal changes in builds 17 (4R) 18 (4S) and 19 (4T). Version 4T is now the only supported version. Problems corrected follow:


SPOT/PSA file: 4R Last entry in the list was not showing up in the list. Now shows up
4S Last entry was now showing up but not playing. The last event now plays.

LEGAL ID's: 4R corrected problems with Legal ID playing at any time of the hour, if the 'LL' was recorded with capital letters. Now plays legal I.d's with any upper/lowercase combination of LL only near the top of the hour.


Fixes in 4S:

Fixed fatal run-time error when cancelling out of 'Start New Satellite or Pick-List template.

'Done' button was not highlighting when selecting a custom template.

Random Playback Mode now appears after selection from main menu and states 'loading… Please Wait…'

Fixes in 4T:

Overlap was sometime reverting back to Zero seconds upon re-entry to Random Playback Mode. Problem now corrected by having the user choose to 'Save' the overlap setting, so that it can only be changed as a conscious choice by the user.


Fixes in 4T:

~ Corrected errors which occurred when attempting to play >Time< events. Problems were especially prevalent when overlap was on.

~ Next daily template was not always loading.

~ If automatic re-start occurred, the wrong daily template sometimes loaded and began playing (fail safe feature was sometimes saving the wrong day to the auto-restart file).

~ Overlap was sometime reverting back to Zero seconds upon re-entry to Random Playback Mode. Problem now corrected by having the user choose to 'Save' the overlap setting, so that it can only be changed as a conscious choice by the user.


Fixed minor bugs in recording screens, including misalignment on-screen.

Fixed problem entering 'Import file' routine from the recording screen. Changed the way in which the user selects existing file for import from the recording screens.

Most modules were altered to be child processes of the main menu, and not stand-alone apps. In the task bar. This allows the user greater flexibility in using several options at the same time.


There are some slight mis-timing issues in the 'Time Remaining' window of Pick List Mode when using overlap. Do not rely on the 'time-remaining' feature for precise timing. However, it is accurate usually within 1 - 2%. Future fix is planned.

Random Playback mode always shows 'One Liner Coming Up' in the 'Coming Up Next' window when there is ONE spot selected for internal random rotation.

Two songs may begin playing and the first 1 ~ 1.5 second of one song may be heard before being aborted. The aborted song will appear in the 'Now Playing' Window until the currently actual playing song finishes. This condition occurs when a liner plays at the end of a song which is exactly as long as the overlap setting. For example, the user sets overlap for 5 seconds, and has recorded a liner which is exactly 5 seconds. When the timing is just right, the system closes both channel 1 and 2 at the same time and begins playing two songs. This occurrence is rare and requires precise timing. To avoid this, the user may wish to record liners which are at least 1 second longer or shorter than the overlap setting.
Update 07.24.01: Version 4-Q is now available for download. Fixes minor problems from version
4-P. Please un-install any previous version and load Version 4-Q. We expect this to be the last
revision for some time, unless other issues arise. Please continue to report any unusual occurencces..

Update 07.18.01: Version 4-P is available. Since our last revision, a problem developed in the
Pick-List timer start option, causing an error '424'. All 4-N or earlier users, please un-install and install 4P
This revision also changes demo features to allow unlimited functions for 45 days.
There is no version 4O (to reduce confusion between the letter o and zero). 4P is revision 15..

Update 07.05.01: Version 4-N is now available. The fixes a problem with the auto-reboot in Random
Playback Mode and a few minor issues. Existing Users: Please un-install and re-install the new version!

Update 06.06.01 Version 4-M is ready for download. This update changes the way Random Stop-Set
days are loaded. Days are now loaded at midnight. Previously, if a daily template was missing, or
if stop-sets were not entered in the template in ascending order, playback might become
unreliable. Also fixes a rare, error in on-air assist Pick-List mode (was occuring when only a few files
were selected for playback mode.

Update 04.18.01 Version 4-L is now available: Includes more bug fixes and updated manual. This release
marks the end of our beta test period!. Please report any remaining bugs a.s.a.p.

Update 03.21.01 Version 4-K is now available: Includes Bug Fixes for 'File Not Found Errors' when
accessing certain features. Also Improved performace of 'Fast Importer'. Include latest version (4.1) of
Cacheman(tm) Memory Manager. Existing Beta Users - Please uninstall existing software and
download the new version!

Update 03.21.01: We are aware of a situation where the Overlap (in Seconds) reverts to '0' when
re-entering the Random Playback Mode. We are looking into this. For now, please always check
your 'overlap' status when entering the Random Playback Mode.

Update 02.28.01 Version 4-I is available for download. Includes NEW FAST AUTOMATIC IMPORTER
FOR WAV/MP3 FILES. Also fixes problems encountered with Automatic Restart after power failure
(Random and Pick-List Modes). Existing Beta Users - Please un-install any existing version and install
the newest version. General release is getting closer!

Update 02.08.01 Newest Version 4-G trial is now available for download. to correct a problem with the
product registration routine. Please download and update if you have an earlier version. V. 4-G corrects
problems with Random Playback Mode and recording utilities.

UPDATE: 01.31.01 - It has come to our attention the Auto-Mate 4 is not currently compatible
with Windows 2000 due to a difference in Directory structure. We will research a fix for
a future upgrade, but for now please only use our software with Windows 95, 98, ME.

UPDATE: 01.11.01 - The pricing and ordering pages are now available!