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Coin, Currency and Token Auction
Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

Coin, Currency, and Token Auction

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

Airport Comfort Suites
630 Hawthorne St SE, Salem, OR

Preview 5:00 PM  Auction at 6:00 PM

Terms of sale: cash or good check
10% buyer’s premium

Attention:  All descriptions, grades, and explanations of coins and coin lots are the opinion of the seller, the auction company, or someone else.  They are strictly opinions, and are not warranted or guaranteed.  It is the responsibility of each bidder to examine individual coins and coin lots and bid according to their own opinion of grade and condition.  ALL SALES AT AUCTION ARE FINAL.

1. Bag of supplies
2. 1794 large cent VF die crack
3. Approximately 21 pounds foreign coins
4. 1851 half cent EF recut 1
5. 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent VF
6. 1858/7 Flying Eagle cent ANACS AU 50/50
7. 1942 Walking Liberty silver half dollar CH BU
8. 1859 Indian Head cent almost UNC
9. Approximately 9 pounds of tokens, medals, and stuff
10. 1953-S Franklin silver half dollar ANACS MS66
11. 1877 Indian Head cent G
12. 1872 Indian Head cent VG
13. 1923 large $1 silver certificate and 1928 funny-back $1 silver certificate
14. 1909-S Indian Head cent VF
15. Lincoln Wheat Cents: 10-S, 11-D, 12-S, 13-S, 14-S, 15-S, 16-S, 17-S, 18-S, 19-S, 20-S, 21-S, 22-D Good - VF
16. 1942/41-D silver Mercury Dime CH BU, full split  bands
17. Roman silver Denarius Domitian as Caesar 80 AD EF+
18. 1896-O Morgan silver dollar CH BU
19. Approximately 283 Buffalo nickels
20. Kennedy Half Dollar Book including proofs 1964-2012D, all BU
21. 1916-D silver Mercury dime G
22. 1838 $5 gold piece CH BU
23. Approximately 223 Indian Head cents
24. 1893-CC Morgan silver dollar EF/AU
25. Partial set Buffalo nickels, 43 coins, 1913 up, many mint marks
26. 1903-O Morgan silver dollar CH BU
27. 1944 silver Walking Liberty Half dollar CH BU
28. 1900 Lafayette silver dollar AU
29. 1882-S Morgan silver dollar proof-like CH BU
30. 1938-D Buffalo nickel NGC MS-66 and 1950-D Jefferson nickel NGC MS-65
31. 1917-S Type I silver Standing Liberty quarter MS-63
32. 1874-CC silver Trade Dollar ANACS UNC (chop marked)
33. 1879-S PCGS MS64 Morgan silver dollar and 1921-D NGC MS64 Morgan silver dollar
34. 1872 silver Seated Dollar AU P/L
35. 1889 Morgan silver dollar NGC MS64
36. 1928 silver Peace Dollar BU
37. Silver dollars: 1924 Peace Dollar MS62, two 1924 Peace Dollars MS63, and 1924 Peace dollar 64/66
38. 1854 large cent AU and 1866 Shield nickel with rays EF
39. Silver Walking Liberty half dollars: 1916 G, 1916-D obverse G, 1921-S G
40. Roosevelt dimes including proofs 1946-2010-D
41. 1878-CC Morgan silver dollar BU
42. 1940 silver Walking Liberty half dollar CH BU
43. 1908-S Indian Head cent F
44. Seward AK copper token ICG MS60 RB good for 12 ½ cents
45. 1914-D Lincoln cent VG
46. 1921-D silver Walking Liberty half dollar VG
47. 1945 silver Walking Liberty half dollar CH BU
48. 1865 three-cent nickel UNC
49. 1938-D silver Walking Liberty half dollar VG
50. 1995-S Jefferson nickel PCGS PR70 Deep Cameo; 1963 silver Roosevelt dime PCGS PR68; 2005-S Oregon quarter PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo
51. 1912-S V-nickel
52. 1921 silver Walking Liberty half dollar VG
53. Approximately 141 wheat back cents AU-BU mostly red
54. 1866 three-cent nickel proof
55. 1896 Morgan silver dollar NGC MS64
56. 1875 silver seated half dollar, motto, AU
57. Silver half dollar commemoratives: 1925 Lexington Concord VF and 1925 Stone Mountain
58. 1867 three-cent nickel AU die clash
59. 1881-S Morgan silver dollar deep mirror proof-like Gem BU
60. Lincoln cent book including proofs, 1909 through 2014-D (missing 1909-S VDB and 1922-plain)
61. 1828 half cent 12 stars VF
62. 1859 silver seated Liberty half dollar, no motto, AU
63. Silver Peace dollars: 1928-S PCGS EF45, and 1934-S PCGS EF40
64. 1881 three-cent nickel AU
65. 1942/41 Mercury dime VF
66. 1854 silver Seated LIberty half dollar with arrows AU (nice even gold tone)
67. 1925 Lexington Concord AU silver commemorative half dollar
68. 1876 Shield nickel VF-EF
69. 1932-S silver Washington quarter G
70. 1993-D Lincoln cent NGC MS67RD, 1943 and 1943-D silver Mercury dimes PCGS MS65 FB, 2017-P roll Lincoln cents
71. 1920 Maine Centennial Commemorative silver half dollar MS64
72. 1853 silver Seated Liberty half dollar arrows and rays AU
73. 1885-O silver Morgan dollar NGC MS63 nice tone, and 1899-O NGC Morgan silver dollar NGC MS64
74. 1875 Shield nickel EF
75. 1885-O Morgan silver dollar NGC MS64
76. 1843 silver seated Liberty half dollar proof-like UNC
77. 1927 silver Peace dollar AU
78. 1882 Shield nickel AU
79. 1971-1990 mint sets
80. Jefferson nickel book, including proofs, 1938 through 2011-S BU
81. 1926 US sesquicentennial commemorative silver half dollar AU+
82. 1837 silver bust half dollar reeded edge AU
83. 1971-1990 proof sets
84. 1905 V nickel UNC
85. Lincoln cents: 1909-S VF and 1909 VDB MS63
86. 1835 silver bust half dollar UNC nice tone
87. 1922 Grant commemorative silver half dollar CH BU
88. 1913 Type I Buffalo nickel CH BU+ and 1913 Type II Buffalo nickel CH BU+
89. 1888-O Morgan silver dollar, double die obverse, double lips, VF/EF
90. Lincoln cents 1909 VDB through 1982-D, almost all red; Jefferson nickels 1940 through 1984-D UNC; Washington quarters 1965 through 1984-D UNC
91. 1875-S 20-cent piece in VG
92. 1834 silver bust half dollar small date EF
93. Approximately 48 $1 silver certificates
94. 1852 silver seated dime, stars obverse type, AU
95. Lincoln cents:  1924-D EF and 1931-S EF
96. 1830 silver seated Liberty half dollar AU
97. 1926-D silver Peace dollar Gem BU, nice tone
98. 1832 silver bust dime AU, nice gold tone
99. 1867 Indian head cent VG
100. Approximately 19 old $2 bills, red seal, legal tenders
101. 1854 with arrows silver seated Liberty quarter AU
102. 1825 bust silver half dollar AU
103. 30 $1 gaming tokens
104. 1857-O silver seated Liberty dime UNC toned
105. Four $5 blue seal silver certificates
106. 1932-D silver Washington quarter AU
107. 1936 silver Long Island Commemorative half dollar AU
108. 1913 silver Barber dime UNC
109. 1867 2-cent piece AU+
110. 2006 Silver Eagle ICG MS70
111. 1853 with arrows silver half dime EF
112. 1917-D Type I silver Standing Liberty quarter full head UNC
113. Lincoln cents, all PCGS MS65 red: 1958-D, 1960 large date, 1963, 1968-D, 1970-S large date, 1974
114. 1929-D silver Mercury dime, full bands, Gem BU
115. Error coins: 1909 Lincoln cent wide flat rim EF+; 1960-D D/D Lincoln cent BU; 1969-S Lincoln cent double liberty BU; 1960-D silver Roosevelt dime, clip, AU; 1957 silver Roosevelt dime, dot in eyebrow, VF; 1954-S silver Roosevelt dime, close S, EF
116. 1897-S Morgan silver dollar AU and 1897-S silver Barber dime AU
117. 1888-O Morgan silver dollar Vam 9 double die reverse and 1904-O Morgan silver dollar CH BU nice toning
118. 1896-S silver Barber quarter
119. 1836 silver bust dime F
120. Lincoln cents PCGS: 1958-D MS64, 1960-D large date MS64, 1961-D MS64; 1963 Franklin silver half dollar PCGS MS63; 1977-D Ike dollar NGC MS65 Big Sky Hoard
121. 1920 silver Pilgrim Tercentenary Commemorative half dollar AU+
122. 1875-S twenty-cent piece
123. 1895-S silver Barber dime G; 1898-O silver Barber dime G; 1897-O silver Barber quarter
124. 1891 silver seated Liberty quarter EF
125. 1902-H Canadian 5-cent ANACS AU55 and 1938 silver Canadian dime ANACS AU55
126. 1853 silver seated Liberty quarter arrows and rays AU
127. 1877 silver Trade dollar VF
128. 1858 silver seated Liberty quarter no motto UNC toned
129. 1883-O PCGS MS63 Morgan silver dollar green label
130. Silver standing Liberty quarters: 1920-D G; 1924 VG; 1928 F+ with cracked die
131. 1858 silver seated Liberty dime EF
132. 1941 silver Walking Liberty half dollar BU
133. Bag of supplies