Monte’s Auctions & More Inc.

Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018
Monmouth, Oregon


Sunday, April 29, 2018

38720 N. Main St. Scio, OR 97374

Preview 8:00 a.m., Auction 10:00 a.m.

Firearms list added April 28 (see below).

More items listed on April 27 (see below the firearms list).
Auction address/location posted April 26.
Coin and jewelry lists added April 26. See below.

List below updated April 19.
More photos have been added April 17.

1. Ranger 22 bolt action rifle
2. 37-A Winchester shotgun 12 GA
3. 22 Savage rifle model s bolt action
4. Mossberg 4-10 pump
5. Harrington Richards topper model 158-30-30
6. Hawthorne 20 GA model M149 Bolt Action
7. Harrington Richards topper model 158 Model 058
8. Stevens Model 87-D 22 Automatic
9. Black Powder Rifle Sears
10. Survival Chiappa with bag 22
11. Knicker bocker 12 GA side by side
12. Pistol high standard HB 22 Semi Auto
13. Pistol Kel-Tec 380
14. W Richards Side by Side double barrel shotgun
15. Baretta 25cal semi auto
16. Russi M-68 .38 Special
17. Whitney Wolverine 22 semi auto
18. High Standard 9-SHot revolver w/HOlster
19. Taurus .357 revolver
20. 1869-1969 Commem Winchester 30-30
21. Remington 66 Nylon 22 Long rifle
22. Riverside Arms CO. single shot  12 GA
23. Remington SPR 310 (12ga)
24. WW2 Commemorative European Theater of Operations 1911 45 ACP
25. Sig Sauer Mosquito 22
26. Glock 26
27. Springfield XD 3.3 45
28. HK USP Tactical 45
29. Taurus 38 revolver
30. Rock River AR-15
31. KalTec SU-16 Folding 223
32. Hatson Escort Semi auto 12 GA shotgun
33. Mossberg 500

golden rod oil can dutton-lainsing co. hastings nebraska 1 quart, 4 lights with brackets fits any 24 volt system, 2 vintage hand bench grinders, 2 plumbers pots, John Wayne plate with certificate, hvlp paint sprayer set, drill press vise, Ford ledger plates with rock guards, a-b quality foot pedal, vintage gate latch, 2 vintage pole climbers belts, climbing straps and rings, 2 lights with brackets fits any 24 volt system, remanufactured power steering pump ps-140 rayloc, single tree, vintage brenkert head spotlight model c7 250 watt brenkert l.p. co. mfrs. detroit mich., vintage large head spotlight with cooling fan and shutter no manufactures name that is evident, vintage kenmore fan, vintage glass gallon bottle marked richfield benzine, vintage fan-glo heataire heater, grizzly slow speed grinder g1036 like new large wheel 10" 220 grit small wheel 4 1/2 " 100 grit, 4 vintage dance purses 2 german silver 1920's dance coin and make up cases, 22 hardback zane grey books, 3 small handgun grip sets, vintage kodak lens wit shutter, vintage The Stanley Co. dry plate-unopened, new heating torch with burner, 2 vintage binocular cases, 1/2" rigid pipe threader, heavy duty chisel, heavy duty concrete bit, hydraulic pimp motor, vintage spotlight, vintage yankee drills,vintage hand drill, 2 vintage winshield wipers, 2 original chainlink vise grip brand, 4 new chainlink vise grips, 4 vintage stove legs.

Rifles, gorgeous antique bedroom set, pistols, hollywood glam bedroom set, shotguns, jewelry, tools, glassware, hunting and pocket knives, dolls, traps, vintage and antique purses, Craftsman roll around tool box, generator, Kenmore gas four burner cooktop NOS, ammo, banks, Library and its Treasures colored slides, trunks, flatware, Shirley Temple buttons, Gene Simmons Kiss Doll, Playstation 2 with games, Xbox with games, 10 ton hydraulic log splitter, Sterling Silver antique dresser set, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, and Magic Johnson memorabilia, Currier and Ives pole lamp, acoustic guitar, Poulan chainsaw 16”, antique nail gun, coins, scales, Grizzly knife sharpener, and much much more, we are still sorting. View list and photos at, or call Monte at 503-580-5211.

Terms of sale: Cash or good check. 10% Buyer's Premium.
Valuables off site until day of sale, therefore no early preview.

Please, no children under 12, or pets unless service animal.

Parking lot is south of bridge on the right, more parking across the street, and street parking as well.

See you at the auction.

Coin list

1. 5- WW2 1943 Steel Cents
2. 7- US Large Cents
3. 1- 1935 D 1 dollar silver certificate and 1- 2 dollar legal tender 1953-A
4. 6 old US 2c pieces 1864-1871
5. 1973-S proof set
6. APX 380 old US wheat cents
7. APX 57 old us Buffalo nickels
8. Space shuttle challenger series coins
9. Indian Head cents 1864 C/N and 1866
10. 1923 Large Size $1 silver certificate Horse Blanket
11. 2000 State Quarters Gold + Platinum Edition
12. First Commemorative Mint Last 3 years of V nic. 1910, 1911, 1912
13. American Bison Nickel collection 24kt Gold Plated, Holographic, and Colorized
14. 3 Gold Replica Coins- Twenty Dollar, Five Dollar, and Northern Leaders of Civil War
15. 1982 Lincoln Cent set 7-Coins
16. US Bicentennial type set 1976
17. 4- US old Half Dimes 1853 W/A, 1854 W/A, 1854-O W/A and 1872
18. 5- old US Flying Cents 2-1857, 2-1858, 1- no date
19. 1865 3c Nickel, 1862 Seated Dime, 1886-S seated dime all US coins
20. 1928-D Funny back silver certificate
21. United States Emergency Coins of World War 2 3- Steel cents, 6- Shell case cents, and 11 silver nickels
22. The Four mint marks 1979 Calgary Stampede Dollars
23. 1979 proof set US
24. 2- Medallions Apollo-Soyuz and Mir-Shuttle
25. 2- 1943-S Steel Cents Missing the 4

Jewelry List
J1) 5 Sterling band rings.
J2) 3 Sterling chains: 1-18” box, 1-22” twisted, and 1-17” Singapore.
J3) 14Kt yellow gold 24” twisted herringbone.
J4) Sterling silver chain with 5 sterling pendants.
J5) 4 Sterling silver bracelets.
J6) 14Kt yellow gold 18” anchor chain.
J7) 7 sterling silver stone rings.
J8) 3 sterling silver chains: 1-20” figaro, 1-24” twisted, and 1-24” S chain.
J9) 10Kt yellow gold ring with pink tourmaline and diamonds.
J10) Sterling silver chain with four sterling pendants.
J11) 4 sterling silver rings with wide bands.
J12) 14Kt yellow gold Singapore chain 17”.
J13) 3 pairs of sterling silver earrings.
J14) 14Kt yellow gold 3 stone ring.
J15) 4 sterling silver rings with glass stones.
J16) 14Kt yellow gold #1 mother pendant.
J17) 5 sterling silver bracelets.
J18) Pair 10K yellow gold 3 stone hoop earrings.
J19) 4 gold religious medals.
J20) Sterling silver pin and tie bar.
J21) 6 sterling silver glass rings.
J22) 3 Sterling silver chains: 1-30” box, 1-18” cable, 1-18” rope with dangles.
J23) 14Kt yellow gold 20” chain.
J24) 4 sterling silver chains: 1-20” rope, 1-16” cable, 1-18” fancy, 1-17” herringbone.
J25) 10Kt yellow gold double heart diamond pendant.
J26) 10Kt yellow gold (citrine?) yellow stone ring.

Kentucky long rifle
swivel salon? chair
range top
ramps for auto
glass bottles and jars
Teach-n-Fun tool chest
metal mesh purse
metal mesh purse, opened, from side
metal mesh purse, opened, from top
two chests
chest with insert tray
flatware set in case
flatware set in case
fly tying kit
flatware set in case
silver? brush and mirror set
Shirley Temple buttons
headboard with spokesmodel/auctioneer Monte
portable generator
4 gallon backpack sprayer
hydraulic log splitter
The Rivermen Time Life book
The Rivermen Time Life book
The Civil War
Pearson's Nailer
Pearson's Nailer
Poulan 16
mitre saw
Craftsman tool chest
Craftsman rolling tool chest
wooden box scale
Triner accuracy scale, Dayton, Fairbanks
Triner accuracy scale, Dayton, Fairbanks
Triner accuracy scale, Dayton, Fairbanks
Taurus Int. Mfg. .38 Special WH 20918 Made in Brazil
CCI MINI-MAG 22 long rifle copper-plated round nose 40 grain target plinking
Federal Gold Medal rifle cartridges
223 REM. Federal Gold Medal 69 grain Sierra Matchking BTHP
Springfield Armory U.S.A. XPs
Federal Ammunition 12 gauge game load lead shotshells GAME SHOK
Rock River Arms, Inc.
Rock River Arms, Inc.
KEL-TEC CNC Industries, Inc.
pocket knives, Case, one is a 2004 Limited Edition Silver Eagle
knife and sheath
pocket knives, one Case, two Sears Craftsman
knife - Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. II
Kodak ball bearing shutter, Kodak Anastigmat F-77 170mm
Case pocket knife
Bear MGC Cutlery
pocket knife Barlow inscribed
pocket knife Rough Rider The Turkey Hunter
Made in Brazil Interarms Alexandria, VA
My Image
knife and sheath
Riverside Arms Co.
Winchester Model 94 30-30