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2011 Sublimity Make A Wish Penny Drive


Mrs. Moberg’s First Graders are hard at work again this year.  Each year the students get the opportunity to collect change for the Make A Wish Foundation.  You will see their containers in businesses in the Stayton/Sublimity area or see the students in action at half time of a Stayton High School boy’s basketball games Fri., Jan. 28, at Regis High School Thursday, Feb. 10 during the girls varsity game (6:30) and at Cascade High School Tuesday, Feb. 15 during half time of the boys varsity game (5:30).  The class has set a goal this year of collecting 500,000 pennies.  That $5,000 goal is enough to become a Wish Sponsor.


Sublimity School has collected the minimum $5,000 to become a wish sponsor four times 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  These wishes include those of  a Portland girl that wished for a shopping spree at Powell’s and Borders Book stores, a local boy that went to Disney World, a 2 year old that wished to go to Disney Land and a play structure for a 4 year old Salem boy. 


It is with the support of our great communities of Stayton and Sublimity that our school is able to make these wishes come true.  Over the last 15 years Sublimity School has collected, counted, and deposited over $47,000.00 into the Make A Wish account at US Bank in Stayton.  This year’s penny drive is concluding on Wednesday, April 6th .  There are several ways you can help. Send your donations to Sublimity School (checks made out to Make A Wish Foundation). If you are able to place a donation jar at your business or work site or have jars of change or donations that you would like to contribute to this wonderful organization, please call Sublimity School at 769-2459.



Update April, 2011

Make A Wish Penny Drive Reaches $5,000 Goal

We have a final total for this year's Make A Wish Penny Drive.  Drum roll please....$5,880.46!  What an amazing accomplishment for Sublimity school!  That is the most we have ever collected!  A total of at least $5,000 means that we will get to sponsor the wish of another special child! Throughout the last 16 years, Sublimity school has raised $52,934.33!! Your continued support for this activity is what makes it so successful!  Every penny counts!! Thank you again for your support with our Make A Wish Penny Drive!



Sublimity School First Graders
Make A Wish Coin Drive
Stayton - Cascade basketball game
January 28, 2011



I started the coin drive back in 1996 when I heard on K103, that Make a Wish was having a penny drive.  I thought it would be a great activity to add to our 100th day of school activities.  I asked the children in my class to bring in 100 pennies for the 100th day of school and when we were finished with them we would donate the 2,300 to Make A Wish.  At the end of the 100th day of school we had 23,000 pennies.  It has just blossomed from there.  We started putting collection containers in the local businesses, having class competitions and collecting at the high school basketball games.  Our small community of Sublimity and neighboring Stayton really support our efforts.  Both towns, along with the parents and students, have come to expect the Make A Wish Penny Drive every year.  Over the last 15 years we have collected $47,053.18 and last year granted our 4th wish!

“I am very dedicated to doing the penny drive each year for two reasons.  First, I love watching the students become passionate about helping someone else.  They put their whole heart into making a wish come true for another child and expect that they will reach their goal of 500,000 pennies.  Secondly, this one activity brings so many educational aspects to it.  We read about it, write about it, speak about it, and the math problems that we solve, as we count every last coin, are enormous! It’s amazing what six and seven year olds can do when given the opportunity." 

Marla Moberg
First Grade Teacher
Sublimity School
North Santiam School District
















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