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Ronald D. Riggs
November 27, 1946 – May 27, 2015


An Unfinished Life

Ron was one of the kindest, gentlest, most non-judgmental and peaceful of souls. He was a quiet man; a man of few words. But if you had the chance to speak with him, you would realize what a pleasure it was to listen and learn from him; a rare gift.

Ron was an incredible pianist and a gifted dancer. He loved outdoor activities; sailing, skiing, hiking, camping, traveling, and most of all riding his motorcycle. Ron was never careless or reckless with his life. He took excellent care of his health. Wanting to be as healthy as possible in old age, so he could continue being active.

Ron loved his four children, 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandson. His grandchildren couldn't wait until he was back from his skiing and motorcycle adventure, so they could get his hugs and hear all about his travels. Unfortunately his two youngest granddaughters and great-grandson will never have the chance to know him. Because this time, granddad never came home from his motorcycle ride.

Ron's wife cherishes the 30 years they had together. Their marriage was a partnership, a dance, that allowed two independent people, who loved each other deeply to be committed to each other, no matter where or what the other was doing. Now, Ron's family will journey through the shock and horror of his sudden death; as soon as they are strong enough, to live without him.

Life is fleeting, fragile. So if you can, please remember, any moment could be your last. Make sure to cherish all moments in your life; alone, with loved ones, with strangers. From our family to yours, may peace, health, and love be with you.

A gathering will take place in September at Ron and Debra’s home. Please R.S.V.P Jacqueline Chitwood at to join us. Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.

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