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Celebrate Charlotte

Charlotte Jean Brown Thomas was born in Albany Oregon July 11 1950 died 11/06/2017 When she went home from the hospital she went home to a small house in Marion, Oregon that had been made from a chicken coop.

Soon she was joined by a sister Gail. Gail I always wanted you to be my best
friend. The family moved to Corvalis and there Roy was born. I remember
Christmas morning very well. Dad carried Gail and I to the neighbor lady's house. There was snow on the ground that year. We had hot coco with marsh mellows in. So Roy you were my marsh mellow. Hard on the outside but marsh mellow inside.

The family was living in Brush Prairie Wa went Mary was born. And yes it was a dark and stormy night. I remember dad had to back the car up back someways to the house to get a chain saw. There was a tree across the road. I remember standing in the back seat watching him cut the tree up by the headlights of the car.

In 1956 the family packed all they could in Packard car a big slooping car. My
crayons melted in the back window. We were off to Wisconsin.

Randy joined us in 1957. Randy you are the one most like dad in temperament by physically like the Deatrick side of the family.

Keith was born in 1960. What can I say. It was a wild ride and sirens were
involved. Maybe a glimpse of what was to be.

And Vickie what can I say about my sister the amazon who can swing a hammer with the best of the boys. But when she dresses up like a cowgirl she's all lady.

Then in 1962 Charlie Brown was born. The baby who was spoiled rotten. Yes that makes 8 what a crowd we were but we had fun a lot.

I grew up in Wisconsin from 5-15 so that is where I developed a lot of my attitudes and in sights, I'm a Midwesterner at heart. I grew up on and around farms. You can take the girl off the farm but can't take the farm out of the girl!

My two good friends Kris Joehank you were my first confidant. Frannie what a
time we had. Of course we were so cool. After all we saw the Beatles live in
Chicago Aug 1965.

In 1966 my family moved back to Oregon. I went kicking and screaming. I wanted to stay in Wisconsin but Mom would not let me.

In Oregon I met the love of my life Dennis Darling (maybe he will explain that
one). How privileged it is to meet your soul mate.

Our daughter Emma Kristeen was born April 14, 1969. Emma you were the joy of our lives. The first time all of us were together dad and I just cried. You were our little pink bundle.

Dennis Lee Thomas Jr was born April 1, 1971. We were so blessed. When we lost him Nov 1993 I'll never forget how the LORD carried us through.

We lived briefly in San Jose Cal and the San Diego But we felt it was no place to raise kids.

Well we ended up in Junction City where we found the LORD. It was here that I met my two dearest friends Ruth and Kelli.

I want to thank Marty and Mary for their big leap of faith in planting a church in the wilds of Oregon.

I'd like to thank Dr Billy H. Grigory for his college level teaching of the bible in
that little church meeting in the grange hall.

I'd like to thank Pastor Chuck North for his faith in me and encouraging me to
follow the calling on my life.

Thanks to Pastor Mike Owens for sprinkling in some wisdom.

And last but not least Leon for putting up with a bossy old church lady.

I love you all. I'll meet you in the morning, just inside the eastern gate.

Love always,

Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service.


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