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Stayton Police Report Log

Information in this log is of call and patrol activities performed by the Stayton Police Department.
Information provided by Stayton Police Department.

Any person named in this log is innocent of any alleged charges unless proven guilty in a court of law. 


June 6, 2019 - has published the Stayton Police Log for many years from information provided by the Police Department. We have recently made the reluctant decision to suspend publication until further notice for two reasons.

The first concerned the timeliness of the information provided, including the most recent six week lapse. But the second, and our most critical concern, is the lack of any substantive informational content of the log. Other than names and charges when an actual arrest is made, there is virtually no incident information provided for what any of the entries concern. We do not feel the log, in it's past form, purposefully or adequately informed the public of local criminal and non criminal call activity and Police response.

If you have any questions or concerns about content published (or not published) on please contact us directly through the email address provided on the site.


Reader Input

I am writing to express my disappointment with the decision recently made to discontinue the Stayton Police Log.

I strongly disagree with the reason provided concerning a "lack of any substantive informational content." I feel that the information on the log provided an important service to the community by compiling the information in one easy to find and searchable location. Although the information was not a comprehensive summary of police activity, I feel the log was a valuable resource for informing our community of local criminal activity.

I hope you will reconsider the decision to discontinue this service.


Hello, I’m writing to you to express my disappointment that Stayton events will no longer be posting the police activity.

I understand there may have been a timeliness issue. May I ask who’s part that is on? If it is on the police station, I would hope they understand this was a great avenue of seeing their activity in my neighborhood. I strongly feel it made the public more aware.

For the second issue, while I noticed the detail availability had changed somewhat, it was still very informative. I would scan the street names of the activity for my own neighborhood and my family’s neighborhoods to be aware of any issues. Even the simple two word activity description sufficed.

By not publishing this log the community has lost a great resource to view police activity. I always felt it was our one link between the public and what the police are out there doing. What other resources do we have to be aware of their activities and where activities are occurring.

Thank you for your time.



Response: Thanks for your input. I do understand to a point what you’re saying. As you say, it is a valuable resource for informing our community of local criminal activity. But only if the actual information on that criminal activity is forthcoming, and in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, one of our concerns was hearing much more about crime activity going on in Stayton than was in the reports. We became concerned the log had become an unreliable or untrustworthy reporting of Stayton crime activity and was simply a statistical listing only conveying that officers were "out doing things" so to speak.

We no longer receive reports.



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