Ripley and twin doe kids

Goat Knoll - Cashmere goats and cashmere fiber from an Oregon farm

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Goats for Sale - We have none for sale at this time



Cashmere buck behind gate


We have no bucks for sale at this time.




We have no does for sale at this time.




Wethers for Sale

2 silver cashmere wethers

Trenne and Tutelli, DOB 3/23/18

Photo date: June 24, 2018

We have no kids for sale at this time. If you are interested in kids, check with us in the spring of 2019.

Goat Prices: Generally, our goat prices are: wethers: $150-$200, doe kids, buck kids: $350, yearling does: $400, adult does: $500. Bred does (in the fall, winter) - price of doe + $50. Bucks - individually priced. Costs of veterinary check for transport across state lines and shipping costs to be paid by customers. You can place a deposit or pay for goats by credit card using this link. Before doing this, please contact us.
Other Important Stuff: When we have bred does for sale, we will sell them only during early pregnancy - we don't like to stress them with a move in late pregnancy. We normally breed our goats in September and October each year. We wean kids around three months of age. Free delivery of goats available if the distance is not too far. We define "too far" variably, depending on how busy we are and the current price of gas.

This page updated December 1, 2018

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