white doe and twin kids

Goat Knoll - Cashmere goats and cashmere fiber from an Oregon farm

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Cute Goat Pictures

This page is a farm photograph album - it's just for fun. Don't expect to find anything educational here. None of these photos are very current - find current photos on the What's Up Page. Some of the photographs are current and some of them are old ones that we are especially fond of.

Click on the photo to see a larger photograph.



Tai Chi in the barn
Worf - the old goat cashmere goats on the Knoll
Tai Chi in the barn
Worf - Goat Knoll's old goat
Cashmere goats on the Knoll
silver goats and an apricot nose Jaws, a silver doe
Two silver does and an "apricot" nose
Jaws (she bites when annoyed)
Shetland sheep brave the snow (4/08!)
brushing goat Doe and 2 silver kids Visitor meets 2 new kids
Brushing out hay - getting ready to shear cashmere
Two new silver cashmere kids and watchful mom
Visitor meets two new cashmere kids
Hand knit cashmere shawl Fancy and kids Two cashmere kids
Expose yourself to cashmere
Fancy and kids
Fred and Barney (that's Fred in front)
cashmere goats and guardian dog Silver cashmere doe and herd snow at Goat Knoll
Cashmere goats check out new "guardian" puppy
Silver cashmere doe and friends
Goat Knoll with (rare) snow
Doe dog and kids red buck kid Goat Knoll in the snow
Guardian dog checks out Mini Pearl's new kids
Starbucks - young cashmere buck kid
Goat barn and view from Goat Knoll in winter
doe with tripletts trimming goat hooves trimming goat hooves
Noriess with 3 red kids
Trimming goat hooves
And more trimming hooves
cashmere triplett kids Border Collie
Triplets - hand raised (mother lost to cougar)
Wolf! Actually it's Jill the Border Collie
Herd of young does and wethers
3 goat butts cashmere herd and guardian dog young kids at play
Helen and her silver girls
Cashmere herd grazing with guardian dog
Bucks - 5 days old - playing
cashmere hand made shawl
cashmere shawl on spinning wheel
2 cashmere knit and crochet lace scarves
Cashmere shawl - hand spun yarn, hand knit
Cashmere shawl - hand made, another view
Cashmere lace scarves and raw cashmere fleeces
white cashmere goat  2 goats hiding in brush cashmere goat in apple tree
Doe kid making a good meal on brush

Cashmere goats taking a break -eating brush is hard work (not!)

Don't climb into the apple tree with any kid but me
2 men a goat statute and a vet Paul and new kids guardian dog and shetland ram
2 adult men fighting over a goat statute - it's a long story...
Playing with the new kids, under mom's watchful eye
Guardian dog, Billy and Shetland ram Paul



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