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We would like to thank the following individuals for their volunteer work in helping raise money for or working on this restoration project:

Jane Anderson Ted Anagnos Velma Archer
Vic Backlund Mark Baker Viola Baldwin
Ed Bartlett Tom Bauer Phil Bay
Maury and Marge Beal JoAnne Beilke Brian Bennett
Ray Berg Norman Beugli Dennis Blackman
Jerry and Margo Bowerly Dick and Marlene Buell Carolyn Buss
Lena Carney Vern Casterline Fran Chapman
Barbara Clement Norman Cobb Eda Clemons
Bob and Neta Comstock Joe and Betty Corey Peter Courtney
Dave Crockatt Lillian Crossler Elaine Dahl
Harvey Davenport George and Doris Davis Marilyn and Don Dayson
Ward DeBeck Bev DeBoer Gladys and Louis Demarco
Gen Dempsey Tom Dieker Evelyn Ditchen
Joe Egli Holly and Jim Erickson Teresa Erickson
Les and June Fearn Greg Frank Evelyn Franz
Bob French Bill and Pat Galligan Omar and Georgie Gard
Don Gardner Linda Gatchet Gordon and Virginia Graber
Don Gribskov Lyle and Mary Hadley Eleanor Hall
Ray and Wanda Hansen Brian Hanssen Dave Hemphill
Ron Hittner Clint Holland Jim and Mary Hupy
Dave and Jennie Jenkins John and Gina Jenkins Lea Jenny
Jim Johnson Christine Jones Jim Keller
Mary Kennerly Mike Kerr Kathy Kirk
Barbara Knighton Dennis Koho Mike and Cynthia Kurtz
Vi Laudon Craig and Ruth Marlette Jay Marlette
Dick Marsh Virginia McClure Jerry McGee
Amy McLeod Doneva Miletta Sue and Roy Miletta
Randy Miller Rob Miller Mark Miranda
John Morgan Paul Morgan Ed Mueller
Wally Mull Clyde Mullin Bettie Munger
Bob Newton Sybil and Dale Nieswander Jerry and Sally Oldenburg
Hal and Vivian Olney Mary Opra Harry and Nancy Pease
Dick and Vera Peckham Maxine Penna Steve Pfaff
Anita Phillips Dale and Geneva Powell Ken and Laura Prince
Judy Randolph Al and Anne Rasmus Phyllis Rattray
Larry and Martha Richardson Donna Roner Salem Concrete
Patty and Richard Sawyer Pat Schreiner Jerry Schultz
Roy and Carol Shelton Herman and Elaine Smith Rick Stucky
Dick and Carol Swenson Brad Swinford Darin Teal
Velma Tepper Pam Towry Jim and "Charlie" Tryon
Dave Turnbull Pete and Ruth Vrontakis Linda Walker
Clark Williams Harry and Helen Woodward Jim Young
Les Zaitz Gloria Zielinski Lyn Zielinski-Mills
  Elizabeth Zimbelman  

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