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Personal Quilt Registry

        Personal History Page for Quilter

        Table of Contents

        Space for Photos, Fabric Swatches

        Record the Who, Why, When it was made for

        Enough pages for information on 50 quilts or projects

        History of selling well at quilt classes and shows

Only $5.00 each in quantities of 10 or more.  Shipping $4.00/10 books.

Suggested Retail Price:  $7.50 to $10.00


Photos of Quilt Registry:

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Cover Index Intro Quilt 15 Quilt 21 Quilt 25 Quilt 37 Quilt 95

Custom Made Quilts, Comforters and Wall Hangings

Contact Calico Cutups for Quotes on Specific Sizes and Patterns

Quilter Preserves

Packed in Canning Jars

Quarts:  50 Squares,  $6.00
Pints:     30 Squares,  $4.00

Contact me and I will send fabric samples and/or photos in your color choices and pattern preferences.

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