I am very interested in amateur radio, especially the history of early ham radio and the wonderful equipment of the post-WWII years to about 1968. Below you will see some photos of part of my accumulation of gear; below that are a few of my QSL cards (being a printer has made it easy for me to have many designs!). By the way, recently my call changed to W7ASF, which means another bunch of QSL cards! (But this time I am a “retired printer” so no longer have the equipment to do the cards for free; darn!) But, by the way, it did give me a chance to use some of the photos I have taken at the beach. I hope you like them. I also participate in Amateur Radio Contests.


This is a shot of me and my Swan 700CX on Field Day, 2005.

DXpedition to Prince of Wales Island, July, 2007


Below are a few polaroids of part of the collection I once had; I sold my 1500 units to a fellow in Oregon who is starting up an Amateur Radio Equipment Museum. I was thrilled to have the collection stay together! He has built a large building to house them and has them on “gorilla racks” in alphabetical order by make, and numerical order within manufacturer. It is quite impressive.