SR-71 airbrushed image (Last Hot Flight) copyrighted by Dru Blair


Udvar-Hazy Center

National  Air & Space Museum

Washington DC

Former SR-71 Instructor Pilot has compiled this PowerPoint presentation to assist those Museum Docents (nationwide) that want the true facts about the SR-71. His goal was to provide accurate data so the Docents can inform the public and help eliminate rumors or facts that have been misrepresented. You can download the PowerPoint presentation to your computer. His project was aimed at the Museum Docents however, anyone wanting the correct facts on the famous Blackbirds can use this PowerPoint. Examples would be teachers or students wanting to complete a report or aviation researchers in the realm of Mach 3 flight. Please give Buz Carpenter credit if this PowerPoint is used for books or published periodicals. Email Buz Carpenter: 

Download the 35 MB file:

UHC SR-71 Powerpoint Presentation

Revised October 2010


Buz Carpenter has other SR-71 related Word Documents you can download:

SR-71 Mst FunfactsJun10.doc

UHC SR-71mstrTRNGOct10.doc




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