Time Line of the SR-71

 This chronological history of the SR-71 was compiled from various sources, including my first hand witness, and was created to become a testament to an aircraft which by all accounts is the standard by which others should be measured.  Any chronological history of the SR-71 must include leading events which resulted in the creation the aircraft.  This Time Line will therefore contain events which might not, at first read, seem to be related to the SR-71.  To fully appreciate the story of the SR-71 it is important to understand a little of the world into which this aircraft was born. 

  This time line was started in the hope that it would become a place where others who know of additional events will freely add their information.  Additionally, some items may need some corrections.


Initial Compilation:  2002

Don Hildebrant

SSgt, USAF, February 1967 through February 1974

SR-71, Astroinertial Navigation System Technician

Beale AFB 1968 1974

4 TDY Trips to Okinawa during this period

The SR-71 Timeline is in a PDF format

You can view it  here: http://www.sr71.com/SR-71timeline.pdf

Editors Note: If you find errors or wish to make a contribution to be included in this timeline, please email Don Hildebrant at this email address: prionus@msn.com


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