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2020 Canyon Wildfire Relief Kitchen



On September 7th, 2020, the Beachie Creek Wildfire swept through much of the Santiam Canyon. The towns of Detroit and Gates, the Little North Fork area, and most of the surrounding areas of the canyon were devastated by fire. The entire area was evacuated and access roads to the area were closed by the devastation. The back road to Gates was opened on September 20th and the next day the Silverton Lions Club and Silverton Elks Lodge mobilized their emergency relief kitchen at the Gates Community Church. The kitchen served 3 meals a day for two full months to anyone in need until it's final day on November 21st, 2020.


Free Thanksgiving Dinner
Silverton Lions/Elks Clubs
Canyon Relief Kitchen Final Day
40070 Gates School Rd, Gates MAP>>

November 21, 2020, Gates, OR - Every day since September 21st, the Silverton Lions Club and Silverton Elks Lodge emergency field kitchen set up at Gates Community Church has been providing three hot meals a day for free to those in the Canyon Wildfire recovery area from Lyons to Detroit, including residents, those performing cleanup and recovery work, and all first responders. Today will be the last day of the kitchen and will be celebrated with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu. 500 free meals will be available to be served to-go anytime between 11am and 5pm, or until all food is gone. Dining tent is now closed per Governor's orders, all food will be served to-go only.


On behalf of all the local communities, thanks all those dedicated volunteers involved in this tremendous effort of providing three meals a day, every day for two full months, to those in need affected by the Santiam Canyon Wildfire. More than 1,000 Volunteers from near and far worked together in a variety of capacities donating over 12,400 volunteer hours. (The number of contributors of goods and services to support this effort is equally impressive and still being compiled)

Silverton Lions Club
Ward Frederick - Project Lead and Organizer

Silverton Elks Lodge
Frank Bartruff - Project Co-Organizer

Heidi Ostrum - Lead Cook
Jon Debo - Lead Cook
Tomi Wolff - Volunteer Organizer

Frank Bartruff - Lead Cook
Bob Kill - Lead Cook
Mary Schenk - Volunteer Organizer


Gates Community Church - Site Host

Franz Bakery, North Salem Warehouse - Major donations of hamburger and hotdog buns and other bread.

Santiam Canyon School District - Large amount of USDA food acquired through SCSD

Costco, Salem - $400 gift card

Target, Salem - $200 gift card

Mill City Presbyterian Church

Silverton 1st Christian Church

West Minister Presbyterian Church

Scio Mennonite Church

LDS Church

Gates Community Church

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Jefferson Baptist Church

Emery and Sons Construction - Main Dining Area Tent

Smart Foodservice, North Salem Store - $250 donation and several discounts on multiple purchases

Ventura Foods, Salem - large donation of fryer oil, pan and grill oil and margarine packets

Sierra Restaurant in Gates - cooked BBQ ribs and loaned pans and chafing dishes for several weeks.

US Foods (formerly FSA) - Several cases of free sausage and discounts on Bacon and other items

John L. Scott Realty Employees

Amerititle Employees

Windemere Real Estate Employees

Salem Real Estate Group Employees

Berkshire Hathaway Employees

Suniga Real Estate Employees


Spring Valley Dairy - Major Donor providing a refrigeration truck for the duration plus pallets of milk, orange juice and water

Pepsi, Mt. Angel facility - Multiple pallets of water

WJE Frederick Enterprises LLC -Tortillas

Albany Lions Club

Stayton Lions Club

Mill City Lions Club

Florence Lions Club

Eugene-Bethel Lions Club

West Salem Lions Club

South Salem Lions Club

Junction City Lions Club

Central Lions Club

LIONS Club International - Serving area canopies, hand washing station, bottle recycling station, dining tent lighting, reader board signage, community promotion.

Subway, Silverton & Mill City - Large donation of cups, napkins and condiments

Orowheat, Salem - bread donation

Molalla Titanic Ice Co - Ice Trailer and Ice.

Pacific Sanitation

Luke's Propane

Oregon Sewer & Drain - PortaPotties

Oregon Department of Forestry

Lovin' Oven

Sweet Creations by Amy

Silver Creek "Mission of HOPE"

Scotts Mills School

Scotts Mills Community Center


Annette Tenniman

April Rains

Amber Tinney Amber Johnson

Antonio Suarez

Alice Self

Amanda Davis

Ariane Valdez

Arden Corey


Bill & Elaine Wilson

Heather & Sarah Wolff

Howard Goldsby

Dan & Ruth Lemke

Mucio Gonzalez

Lynn & Chuck Koenig

Laura Cole & Edwina

Shellie Cutrell

Annie Scott

Amy Ditzel

Autumn Ditzel

Zoe Ditzel

Maddie Ditzel

Matt Crall

Pete Crall

Chad Unruh

Jared Unrah

Tyrel Unrah

Mary Koehn

Warren Koehn

Jesse Koehn

Sherry Tuews

Katheryn Jantz

Avery Ballard

Becky Hilkey

Barb Lewis

Mrs. Dodge

Diane & Russell Schreck

Deedee Epstein

Erica Lauritsen

Ellen Allen

Fran Silbernagel

Gayle Palendech

Gwen Cornutt

Heidi Strickland

Holly  & Rayna Voltin

Hope Schenk

Imola Mace

Imogene & Richard Thompson

Jennifer Buckley

Jackie Deeds

Jolene Richards

Jan Weakley

Janet Anderson

Gracie Andrew

Jutta Anthony

Jane Jones

Brian Benson

Jenn Buckley

Jen Dodge

John Abbott

Jo Ellen Kay

Janell Lidtke

Julie Balderston

Ken & Karen Brock

Krista Stave

Kathy York

Katy Voves

Katelynn Ward

Karen Petit

Kaylee Causey

Mary Ann Bryant

Molly Lynch

Teri Poppino

Mark Myers

Mary & Dave Miller

Maggie Heider

Michelle Morin

Melissa & Jonah Pederson

Penny Keen


Mika Hippen

Dennis Courtright

Rhonda Schumacher

Kassidy Schumacher

Rita Nightingale

Renee Lovin Oven

Shana Ward

Sharon Jantz

Sonia Linn

Justine Fogarty

Steve & Yvonne Kratke

Stephanie Budlong

Tami Suniga

Teresa Widby

Terri Allen

Tim McGinnis

Trevor Barre

Connie McKillop

Barb & Tim Leque

Beth Taylor

Brooke Winstead

Christina Bravo

Cindi Schumacher

Susie Schumacher

Bill & Elaine Wilson

Laurie Irion

Londa Boeckner

Lynn Coon

Kev Wells

Frank Taylor

Mike Skinner

Lynn & Bob Yates

Lee Regan

Michael Burton

Mary Wrolstad

Melissa Weaver

Minda Drieling

Marian Thomas

Connie Hartrum

Cara Kelly

Carolyn Lichlytee

Deborah Miley

Donny Hastings

Donna Damme

Debi & Rod Bach

Dax & Lori Chen

Dawn Horne

Denice Allen

Diane & Steve Turner

Vicki Champ

Amy Hollinger

Payton Hollinger

Charlotte Daniel

Kris & Shereen Krebs

Kristen Anderson

Krystal Fulgham

Lanae Schultz

J Ridger

Stef Nightingale

Caleb Nichols

Curtis Hansen

David Nielson

And many more names missed...

















Ward Frederick prepares for one of the many lunches


A few members of the B.C Fire Services crew from Vancouver Island, Brithish Columbia
having lunch in the early days of The Kitchen


KGW TV Coverage of Canyon Field Kitchen


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