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Stayton Road Runners Club
Annual Challenge

For more than 40 years members of the Stayton Road Runners Club have been running/walking to promote health and fitness, as well as enjoy the benefits of the camaraderie that comes from joining others in physical activity. Over these many years the SRRC has also helped organize and facilitate many of the local community fun runs, including: Santiam Hospital Fun Run; St. Mary Fun Run; Stayton Grade School River Run; Stayton Old Time 4th of July Run; Sublimity Harvest Fest Run, and others.

In 2020 and the Road Runners partnered together to create "Run the Routes", the first annual challenge for area residents to complete many of the club's favorite courses on their own schedule. This year's challenge brings new routes and new hope for your healthy 2021.

2021 Challenge Finishers>>

2020 Challenge Finishers>>

Run Twenty One
Stayton Road Runners Club 2021 Challenge
Presented by

Take the challenge and Run/Walk all of the twenty one routes listed and linked below in 2021 (need not be in order). Run Twenty One challenge finishers will receive a Certificate of Completion and a SRRC logo T-Shirt(first time challengers - see below) or new Running Beanie(second time challengers) from the Stayton Road Runners Club, and get your photo and name listed below on this challenge record book page. To participate just download and print a challenge log. When your challenge has been met, email a photo of your completed log to us at  or mail your log to:, P.O. Box 746, Stayton, OR 97383.


All ages and families encouraged to participate.

The Challenge is self elected and designed unscheduled to avoid creating any crowding.
Use personal scheduling to always keep safe social distancing.

Download Challenge Log>>


Click The Route Map Links Below
All routes are mapped on the MapMyRun website.
Clicking these preview links will open the full map page on the MMR website
You do not need to register an account to access the maps through these links.

Tip: Once you get to the map page, click on the square toggle icon on the bottom right of the map to toggle the map into full screen view. You can then better zoom in and out for more detail and street names. Use thumb/finger expansion/pinching on phone touchscreen, or on PC zoom in by double clicks or mouse wheel. You can also then pan around.


Route #1 - 3 miles - Stayton Road Runners Sunset Walk/Run/Walk Route - A quick out and back course going West toward the sunset when used at the right time. Starts at DQ parking lot. 


Route #2 - 4.9 miles - Stayton Road Runners Stroll in the Country(aka Boedigheimer) Run/Walk Route . A nice run/walk into the country East of Sublimity. Starts at DQ parking lot.


Route #3 - 2.4 miles - Stayton Road Runner Saturday Morning Breakfast Run/Walk. Meet at DQ on Saturday morning for a quick walk/run with breakfast at the DQ after. (breakfast will resume after Covid).


Route #4 - 4.5 miles - Stayton Road Runners Sunrise Hill Walk/Run Route - Features a route that goes to the Eastern Boundary of Stayton and provides an outstanding view of Sunrise when used at the right time. Starts at Regis High School parking lot. 


Route #5 - 4.5 miles - Stayton Road Runner River Park Run/Walk Route . A nice run/walk to the river and back. Starts at Regis Parking Lot.


Route #6 - 4.2 miles - Stayton Road Runner West Stayton Run/Walk Route. A nice walk/run through neighborhoods, woods, to the West Stayton area. Starts at the Regis parking lot.


Route #7 - 6.5 miles - Stayton Road Runner Rainwater Run/Walk Route. A walk/run out into the farm country West of Stayton. Starts at Regis parking lot.


Route #8 - 2.7 miles - Stayton Road Runner Morning Riser Run/Walk Route. Meet at the Stayton Pool Monday through Friday at 6:00a.m. for a walk through Stayton.


Route #9 - 3.5 miles - Stayton Road Runner Original Early Riser Run Route . Starts at Stayton Pool. From 1977 to 2007 a course run/walk every weekday morning.


Route #10 - 3.1 miles - Pioneer Park River Run Route A walk run course used by the Regis Cross Country team that goes down a trail at Pioneer Park and returns along the canal. Starts at Regis High School Parking Lot.

Route #11 - 7.7 miles - Queener Road Route . A walk/run into the country for those that want a longer scenic experience. Another run favored back in the day. Starts at Stayton Pool.


Route #12 - 1.9 miles - Fourth of July 3000 meter walk/run route . A short stroll through the neighborhoods West of the Stayton pool. Starts at Stayton Pool.


Route #13 - 5.3 miles - Old Boy Scout 5 mile walk/run route mixes in a road and trail experience with some nice scenery. Starts at Stayton Pool.


Route #14 - 3.1 miles - Sublimity Road Run 5000 meter course route. Starts at St Boniface Parking Lot and goes East out in the beautiful Sublimity Countryside. One of the oldest and most popular routes in the area.


Route #15 - 8 miles - Coon Hollow Classic Route - An ambitious walk/run out into the countryside East of Sublimity developed by the Van Cauteren Family. Starts at St. Boniface Parking Lot.


Route #16 - 3.7 miles - Stayton Parks walk/run route . A walk/run through 4 of Staytons most popular parks, Pioneer Park, Wilderness Park, Community Center Park, and River Front Park. Starts at Pioneer Park Parking Lot.


Route #17 - 2.9 miles - Stayton Grade School loop route . A short walk/run starting at Stayton Grades School.


Route #18 - 4.8 miles - Stayton Education Route. A run/walk route starting at Stayton Grade, to Stayton High around their track, to Stayton Middle School around their barkdust trail, to Regis High School around their barkdust trail finishing on the Stayton grade school barkdust trail.


Route #19 - 3 miles - St. Mary 5000 meter route. Starts and finishes at Immaculate Conception parking lot and incorporates Staytonís River Front Park.  


Route #20 - 1.9 miles - St Mary 2 mile loop- Starts and finishes at Immaculate Conception Parking Lot. A scenic 2 mile walk/run through East Stayton neighborhoods.


Route #21 - 2.8 miles - The Stayton Churches Route goes by a number of Stayton Area Churches - See How Many You Can Find on this route. Starts at Immaculate Conception Church Parking Lot.




2021 "Run Twenty One" Challenge Finishers

Brandon Stoyles

Yara Coblentz & Christina Bridge

Pam Lierman
(photo coming soon)


Randy Forrette
(photo coming soon)



2020 "Run the Routes" Challenge Finishers

Brandon Stoyles

Casey Dark

Pam Lierman

Mike Bauer

Jim Gries

Denise Holt

Bonnie Reid

Calvin/Barb Burrell


Jane Claassen (L)
Carolyn Sunderman (R)

Yara Coblentz

Christina Bridge

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