A Personal Fanzine for

Martin M. “Mike” Horvat



Turpitude is a little fanzine that I do on a more-or-less monthly basis. It is published on paper and circulated through the Slanderous Amateur Press Association, SLANapa for short. Our apa is a very intimate apa, with only about fifteen members. Members tend to stay on for a long time, averaging twenty years membership. BUT new members are always welcome. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll tell you more about it!


Here are my zines:


Turpitude, July 2006

Turpitude, August 2006

Turpitude, September 2006

Turpitude, September 2007

Turpitude, December 2007

Turpitude, February 2008

Turpitude, March 2008

Turpitude, April 2008

Turpitude, May 2008

Turpitude, June 2008

Turpitude, August 2008

Turpitude, September 2008

Turpitude, October 2008

Turpitude, January 2009

Turpitude, February 2009

Turpitude, March 2009

Turpitude, April 2009

Turpitude, June 2009

Turpitude, July 2009

Turpitude, August 2009

Turpitude, October 2009

Turpitude, November 2009

Turpitude, December 2009

Turpitude, January 2010