Star Cinema History

What happened in 1949

when the theatre opened?


- Largest Bank in the World is Bank of America with resources of $6 Billion.

- Soviet Forces in Berlin promise to withdraw.

- University of California presents the first photo's of Genes.

- Elvis Presley celebrates his 14th birthday.

- U.S. Navy inducts its first regular female officers.

- First snowfall in SanDiego history.


- 45rpm records make their debut following the 33-1/3rpm.

- White bread is going for 14 cents a loaf.

- Joe DiMaggio, 34, signs the highest gross salary of $90,000.

- Jackie Robinson, who became the first black baseball player in 1947, signs a new Brooklyn contract for $20,000.

- Jack Benny continues to have the highest rated radio show.


- World Heavyweight boxer Joe Louis, 34, announces retirement.

- Ripley's "Believe it or Not" television show debuts.

- Ted Williams, 31, signs a contract for $100,000 with Boston Red Sox.

- Minimum wage is raised from 40 cents to 75 cents.

- Ballpoint pens now outsell fountain pens.

- Plans to form NATO are announced.


- Great Britain allows up to 135 miles for pleasure driving each month

- NBC-Radio premieres "The Martin and Lewis Show", featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

- Star Cinema opens on April 5th, 1949.

- Average factory worker's weekly salary is $53.37.

- Pregnancy Urine test is developed.

- Shirley Temple turns 21 years old April 23rd, 1949.

- A stamp costs 3 cents.


- President Truman celebrates his 65th birthday on April 8th.

- Future entertainer Billy Joel is born on April 9th, 1949.

- Fred Astaire celebrates his 50th birthday on April 10th.

- Polaroid sells a camera that develops the photo in 60 seconds.

- Gasoline is 27 cents a gallon.

- Communist troops capture Shanghai, China.

- Marilyn Monroe poses nude which will eventually appear in the first issue of Playboy magazine.

- Robert L. Ripley (creator of "Believe it or Not") dies at 55.

- Oklahoma allows blacks to attend state universities.


- ABC-Radio program "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" now stars the couples real life sons David and Ricky Nelson. The show switches to television in 1952.

- Mickey Rooney, 27, marries Martha Vickers on the same day his divorce from Betty Jane Rose is final.

- Kansas lifts the ban to sell alcohol of 69-years.

- 1984 fictional novel is published.

- Milton Berle, 40, remarries Joyce Matthews, 29.

- Lucille Ball, 38, remarries Desi Arnaz, 32.

- Neptune's 2nd moon is discovered.

- New TV series "Hopalong Cassidy" starring William Boyd.


- Joy dishwashing soap is introduced.

- Paramount releases "The Great Gatsby" starring Alan Ladd.

- Actor Ronald Reagan, 37, and actress Jane Wyman, 33, finalize their divorce.

- FCC announces a temporary permit to broadcast color TV.

- Televisions are being bought at 100,000 per week.

- Pack of cigarettes cost 18 cents.

- Polio has reached epidemic proportions in Texas, Arkansas, California and Oklahoma.

- 5 Cent pack of Kool-Aid has 6 flavors to choose from.


- National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America merge to form the National Basketball Association (NBA).

- Jimmy Stewart, 41, marries Gloria Hatrick McLean.

- Kukla, Fran and Ollie is now available on the East Coast TV after the completion of the Chicago to NY transmission lines.

- Two plant sources have been discovered to produce Cortisone.

- "Amos N Andy" radio program celebrates its 20th year.

- FCC Bans prize giveaways on Radio and TV shows due to it being a lottery.

- Coffee is 55 cents a pound.

- NBC-Radio premieres "Father Knows Best".

- First version of the board game "Scrabble" is sold.

- RCA declares it has developed a converter to turn Black and White TV's into Color TV's.

- Judy Garland and Van Johnson star in "In The Good Old Summertime".


- Lone Ranger is introduced on Television.

- Dean Martin, 30, marries Jeanne Biegger, 22.

- Radio-Carbon dating is developed to determine the age of Earth living materials.

- Future Rock Star Bruce Springstein is born.

- Soviet Union successfully exploded an atomic bomb.

- Mr. Magoo makes his debut.


- Walt Disney feature length film "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" is released.

- Arabs find a parchment scroll of the Book of Lamech, a section fo the Bible, in a cave near the Dead Sea. It describes the birth and youth of Noah.


- JC Penney opens its 1600th store.

- Dodge, Chrysler and DeSoto plants are closed due to a shortage of steel.

- President Truman proclaims November 24th as Thanksgiving Day, later to be the 4th Thursday of the month.

- Milton Berle makeup kit is introduced for $3.98.

- Bill "Bojangles" Robinson dies at 71.

- Texaco Star Theatre starring Milton Berle is the most watched TV show.


- John Wayne stars in "The Sands of Iwo Jima".

- Shirley Temple, 21, divorces John Agar, 28.

- Musical Comedy "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" debuts.

- Clark Gable, 48, marries his 4th wife, Slvia Alderly, 39.

- Twin brothers Maurice and Robin Gibb are born of the Bee Gees.

- Gegory Peck stars in "Twelve O'Clock High".

- Sissy Spacek is born.

- Dr. Albert Einstein has a new theory of gravitation to be added to the theory of relativity.

- Millions of Americans now use the rotary telephone.

- New GE Freezer and Refrigerator Combination now available.