Dallas Cinema FAQ

Below is a list of common questions you might have.

  • 1. Why aren't you playing a certain movie?

    2. Why aren't you open earlier on weekdays?

    3. Why can't we bring food into the theatre?

    4. Why can't we put our feet up on the backs of the chairs?

    5. Why are your prices so low?

    6. Why are you still playing the same movie longer than 2 weeks?

    7. Can we buy tickets more than a day in advance?

    8. Why do you sometimes play only a Matinee on a certain weekday?

    9. Why does your popcorn taste so good?

    10. Why do your movies sometimes change at the last minute?

    11. Why is the sound sometimes too loud?

    1. We do our best to play the latest, most popular movies, but we can't always get the movies that we request. We also try to mix the movies to where we play children's, teenagers, action, comedy, family and blockbusters, so we try to satisfy all audiences. We are also under the rules of each and every studio, so we have to hold certain movies for certain lengths of time. Also, movies are not always available when we request them. They are playing at other theatres that haven't released them yet.

    2. We've tried numerous times to have Matinees during weekdays, especially in the Summer, but we get very few people, so we can't afford to pay staff and overhead costs with the few people that show up.

    3. Believe it or not, the movie studio gets most of the box office money. We rely on concession income to pay our staff, replenish supplies, consumables, pay utilities, repairs and maintenance, advertising, and many more bills that we have. Without selling concessions, we would have to close our doors and not have a theatre in Stayton. That is why most theatres charge an arm and a leg for concessions. But, we still keep our prices very low to make it affordable for you and to still operate the theatre.

    4. Look at the bottom of your shoes. Do you want somebody's foot on the back of your seat pushing on it? Do you want somebody's foot in your neck or next to your ear and mouth? Do you know how hard it is to keep over 300 seats clean?

    5. To make it affordable for everyone to enjoy a movie and snacks, and so you don't have to feel guilty sneaking food in.

    6. The movie studios force us. We have no choice.

    7. Yes. We have a computerized ticketing system. You can purchase tickets in advance for any confirmed showtime that we have scheduled.

    8. We sometimes have a special event or concert or classic movie that evening. We only have one screen and one auditorium. We try and have a variety of entertainment, instead of just playing the latest movies all the time.

    9. We use gourmet popcorn which is tastier and larger than typical movie theatre popcorn.

    10. The movie studio changes our movie at the last minute. It's out of our hands.

    11. The sound is adjusted so that the voices can be heard when they speak low or whisper. When the music or action sound is heard, it makes it louder than it should/could be, but if the sound is turned down because of the action scenes or music, the voices are too soft to be heard.
    We've actually had more complaints that the sound is too low than too high.
    The sound is set at a medium point. Sorry.
    There is one person that has sensitive ears and he brings earplugs which dampen the higher frequencies.
    We also make it a point to lower the sound during trailers, as they are purposely louder than the movie. When the movie starts we set the level back to movie sound level.