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Update 3-22-02: Version 4X is here! Bug fixes from version 4V
and an updated manaual. This will be the last revision for a while.
Release Log/Product Updates:

Increase System Reliability with CACHEMAN (It's free): Click Here to go to Outer
Techonologies Website where the utility can be downloaded. Used properly,
CACHEMAN will reduce audio skipping and enhance reliability!
Note: Cacheman is no longer bundled with Auto-Mate due to some installation problems
with our setup routine. To make totally sure Cacheman will be installed properly, please
go to the Outer Technologies website, download, and install Cacheman.
[It will fit on a floppy disk].
Do you want to control your radio station instead of it controlling you? Auto-Mate is a great solution for the small market, college, and LPFM broadcaster!

Auto-Mate Systems was founded in 1994 by a small-market independent broadcaster. Evolved from our revolutionary DOS-Based software, Auto-Mate Broadcast Automation for Windows may be just what you're looking for! The ease of use, great features, and lowest price available for a professional system put The Auto-Mate in a class by itself. The fully working trial download is now available! Try it out today!!!               

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