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DOS Support Library

How to Install DOS Drivers in Windows95 or higher
Problems with AUXDRV or other DOS SoundBlaster Drivers
Daily Satellite Template is repeating over and over (not loading the next day's template)
Audio Quality. Reducing Gaps in Audio while transitioning between events.
Blocking out relay input sensing during local breaks
Westwood One Network Interfaces with Simple-Sat
Random/Pick-List to Satellite Cable Assembly Instructions - PCL-725 Relay Card (Version 3.0)
Auto-Mate Unattended Recorder
Typical DOS Minimal System Requirements
How to Move .DAT files to another PC for printing out a recording list or building a template.
Conventional Memory Management for DOS in Windows 95 or higher
On-demand contact closure capacity to satellite breaks. A contact closure can be added as an element of any satellite break, just like a spot.
DOS Compatible Sound Cards
Configuring Auto-Mate for use with PC AnywhereTM for DOS
Version 3.0 Simple-Sat Bug - Blank screen when using relay card.

Windows Support Library
View the trouble-shooting section of the Auto-Mate manual. This contains solutions to most known problems.